re|prove «rih PROOV», transitive verb, -proved, -prov|ing.
to show disapproval of; find fault with; blame; scold: »

She reproved the boy for teasing the cat.

[< Old French reprover, learned borrowing from Late Latin reprobāre reprove; {{(originally) reject; see etym. under reprobate (Cf.reprobate)]
re|prov´ing|ly, adverb.
Synonym Study Reprove, rebuke, reprimand mean to criticize or blame someone for a fault. Reprove suggests expressing disapproval without scolding and with the purpose or hope of correcting the fault: »

The principal reproved the students who had been smoking in the locker room.

Rebuke means to reprove sharply and sternly: »

The doctor rebuked the nurse who had been neglecting her patients.

Reprimand implies severe and public reproof from an official source: »

The careless captain was reprimanded and demoted.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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